Thursday, March 10, 2011

Designer Betsey Johnson

Fashion MAP's first contest is over. Dave Ward and I carefully reviewed every entry, discussed them at length, and decided we had two winners for our contest. Congratulations to Kristena Schildt and Olivia Ding! Their entries will both appear here in the Fashion MAP blog, and both will get to shoot with model Briauna Mariah, with Dave Ward Photography behind the camera.

Here is the winning entry written by Kristena Schildt.

When the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week hit youtube, I had to watch it. Sadly, there was a flash plug in problem that didn’t allow me to actually watch the live presentation, so I had to wait until the next week to watch it. Going through many of the designers, many seemed to have a repetitive, dull look to me, even though the designs were relatively new. A few did stand out from the rest, but one designer brought the fiercest style: Betsey Johnson.

I must say, she is my ideal designer.

Betsey Johnson started off with the Spring/Summer collection, which was crazy and inventive. There were so many different time periods that popped up - the more modern 90’s, the amazing 80’s, those military pin-up 40’s, and some baby doll Victorian designs. It was as if we were put in a time machine and brought back to the good old times, but the designs were still up to date and one of a kind. The colors were crazy vibrant with the whole rainbow dancing down the runway. The introduction of the couples walking down, with a masculine and feminine outfit, was brilliant. Having two styles for one outfit gave options for which outfit would be better on a simple or elaborate day. This collection covered a full range of different outfits that just popped with life.

Now, the fall collection had two parts. It was a wonderful show using tall runway models as well as more ordinary people. In the beginning, there was the ‘He loves me not’ designs that were shown off by the runway models. The colors were rich, either complimenting or contrasting the other colors they were put with, but also very dark. All the designs were edgy with a classic look twisted to adapt to the modern day. Many regal looking outfits were mixed with some modern punk styled designs that would satisfy any dark, romantic day. Valentines Day was turned to the worst but still kept the romance of a punk. Next was the ‘He loves me.’ Ordinary people popped onto the runway with flashy clothing that would get any person’s attention. The radiant colors, elaborate prints, and dancing models made the clothing feel more real.

Betsey’s collections revive the classics with a fresh and new look while remaining true. The colors are crazy, and the looks are edgy, fierce, and fun. She is a designer everyone should look into as a favorite!

~Kristena Schildt

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