Friday, March 04, 2011

The Essentials of Posing

Fashion MAP's first contest is over. Briauna Mariah and I carefully reviewed every entry, discussed them at length, and decided we had two winners for our contest. Congratulations to Kristena Schildt and Olivia Ding! Their entries will both appear here in the Fashion MAP blog, and both will get to shoot with model Briauna Mariah, with Dave Ward Photography behind the camera.

Here is the winning entry written by Olivia Ding. Kristena's entry will appear in a few days.

Hello love,

I'm going to tell you a bit about posing.

When I get in front of the camera, I don't freeze. I do even worse: I try too hard.

Sometimes freezing in front of the camera works out because you could get something good! But I just go into overdrive. I try to take everything anyone has ever told me about what to do, and try to do it all at the same time. Trust me love, this does not work out. When you try to push something into a picture, when you try to exude happiness or intensity, you won't. Instead, you'll just look like you just got punched in the gut by a small person.

You have to feel happy, to feel just everything you want to portray to the camera bubble up inside of you, and you will potentially get something strong, something gorgeous. People tell me to think back to a memory, or of an important person in my life. Anything that will bring you to a place where you feel comfortable and you can do anything. Where you are just you. Because really, when you're in front of a camera, in possibly one of the most unnatural situations you can be in, all anyone wants is for you to act natural.

~Olivia Ding, TCM Models & Talent, Seattle

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